Hello all,

Long-time no speak.

I am writing to you from the veranda of a villa not 20 yards from the banks of Lake Garda, Italy. Goldheart Assembly has been kind to me friends and I must thank each and every one of you who bought the records, tee-shirts and tote bags which afforded me the opportunity to live in such unbridled opulence.

A sparrow just hopped upon my shoulder. How dainty and carefree he is.

Enough. It is now that I find cause to write you with news of musical endeavour.

At this point it would only be decent and proper to inform you that Goldheart Assembly have decided to rest up and take a breather.

Although far from expired, it would seem there is just not enough hours in the day to follow all of our collective interests whilst maintaining our beloved GHA. I’m sure we will continue to put bits and bobs up on our various platforms and we hope to get out and play some shows when the opportunity arises. But, for now, we rest.

But that is not all.

Back in London something stirs, and I am very pleased to announce the arrival of a new musical assemblage comprised of some familiar faces. It be called Mono Club!

See it not as GHA mark 2, rather a whole new expression of our musical bent. We have an album primed and ready to be unleashed, a website and a song and video for you to enjoy.

The song is called Sky High and Submarine and you can listen and view the video here…

Or pop along to our website…


We also have a gig for you to attend.

We are playing at New Crush at the Victoria in Dalston on the 12th of April. The first show is free, but to ensure entry please click on the link below to get your free a ticket. It’d be great to see you there.


In other exciting news John* has been busy recording for a side project with a couple of dear friends. It is called Munro Fox and it specialises in ambient, atmospheric and acoustic songs, richly orchestrated and lush with harmonies. Please check that out if you get a moment. Album release details to follow.

Comrade Jim has been flexing his literary muscles and is co-authoring a book called My Beatles Blackout, which is due for release later this year. We’ll be sure to inform you when it’s completed, and which good bookshop you can purchase it in.

So, for the time being it is farewell. News of all the other projects will be released from their respective websites, Twitter and Facebook pages. So please follow if you like what you hear.

Until next time, onwards!

John, on behalf of Goldheart Assembly.

*Neither I or anyone involved in Goldheart Assembly condones referring to oneself in the third person. Omniscience. Ok?